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Product name:A composition for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Update time:2019-08-12 16:33:16

Product Details

The invention is a compound for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The invention of xinmai sukang, like the invention of penicillin, will profoundly affect and change human life.

1. Antibacterial effect: the treatment and prevention value of several bacterial, fungal and protozoal infections has been fully proved; Bacteria such as staphylococcus, meningitis, pneumonia, streptococcus and diphtheria, dysentery, large intestine, typhoid, tuberculosis bacteria and vibrio cholerae have obvious bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects.

2. Antifungal effect: inhibit or kill various pathogenic fungi including candida albicans.

3. Antigenic insect action: it can kill amoeba and vaginal trichomonas.

4. Effect on tumor cells: the extract of radix allicin has an anti-splitting effect on cancer cells, and the allicin homolog ethyl thiosulfonate has an obvious resistance to sarcomas and lymphosarcomas.

5. Health care effect of radix corydalis on cardiovascular system: MATS containing radix corydalis is the strongest anti-fungus, and inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents tetracane synthesis; At the same time, it can increase the activity of hemolytic fibrin, lower blood lipids and enlarge blood vessels. Garlic can slow the heart rate, increase myocardial contractile force, dilate peripheral blood vessels, increase diuresis, reduce the blood pressure of atherosclerosis.

Allicin liquid won:

National invention patent ZL201210041126.4; International patent master class no. A61K 35/78; Gold medal of the third China patent technology exposition; Gold medal of China new products and technology trade fair; The first consumer trust product expo gold medal; FDA functional quality certification NO.01004HDS099

The international gold award of the second Canadian nutrition and health care products and traditional Chinese medicine products expo is suitable for adults with low immunity.

Unsuitable people: people allergic to alcohol.

Method and dosage: take warm milk or milk powder about 50-100 ml each time, and mix it with 1.5-3 ml allicin solution. Drink 2-3 times a day, 15-20 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach.

Properties: this product is a light yellow clear and transparent liquid, free of suspended substances and impurities, with unique garlic and wine flavor.

Approval number: product standard Q/71606512-5.1-2000

Research unit: sichuan Oriental wine and food engineering research institute

Manufacturer: xuzhou Evergrande food co., LTD

Phone: 15952278888

Address: south industrial park, shanhai avenue, yangshan town, pizhou city, jiangsu province

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