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Customer service

1. Pre-sales consultation

Telephone service - customer service department personnel, sales representatives through the phone to provide customers with advice, questions solving process.

Sales service -- the overall follow-up contact process conducted by the sales staff of the external office (including routine visits, understanding of customer requirements, providing detailed product information, providing product samples, providing preliminary product quotation, providing preliminary solution Suggestions, etc.).

Technical service -- the process of providing solutions according to customer requirements by technicians (including feasibility study of customer requirements, formulation of customer requirements solutions, adjustment and modification of solutions according to customer's latest requirements, and confirmation of final solutions).

Reception service -- the process of guiding customers to visit the company and making them deeply impressed by the products and the company.

2. In-sales support

Sales service - the process of further communication between the external sales staff and customers after the contract is signed.

Reception service -- sometimes customers who have signed contracts visit the company again due to business needs, so that customers can further deepen their impression on the products and the company.

3. After-sales added value

The service process carried out by the after-sales service personnel

After-sales telephone return visit

⊙ after-sales service call

⊙ inform customers of the latest product trends

Customer satisfaction survey and return visit

Customer feedback to improve the implementation process

Customer use of products in the process of troubleshooting process