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Is it good to eat raw garlic every day
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Garlic is good for your health because it contains so many nutrients.

First, sterilization, allicin in garlic and thiamine have very good sterilization effect, a variety of staphylococcus aureus, bacillus under the attack of garlic will be annihilated, even live on powerful helicobacter pylori in the stomach, garlic also have inhibition to its, besides can sterilization, garlic can also fight viruses and fungi, so it is a kind of natural food guardians.

Second, anti-cancer effect, which should be recognized. So far, the most studied one is the prevention of gastric cancer by garlic, because allicin can kill malignant cells and inhibit helicobacter pylori, so garlic can prevent gastric cancer. Some studies have also found that selenium in garlic also has anti-cancer effect.

Third, aphrodisiac, this man knows that, and I'm just saying stay away, mainly because garlic stimulates androgen production and improves blood circulation.

Fourth, anti-thrombosis. Garlic can improve blood circulation, regulate blood lipid level and reduce blood viscosity, thus preventing thrombosis.

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