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Pickled garlic sweet and sour garlic
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How to marinate garlic


Fresh garlic 5000 grams. Salt 1000 grams, white sugar 1000 grams, cold boiled water 1000 grams, vinegar 500 grams


Step 1: pare off garlic fibrous root, leave 2-3 centimeters long garlic stalk, peel off dry skin, enter cylinder after cleaning. Add 250 grams of salt to each 5000 grams of garlic and marinate for 1 day, pouring 3 times in the middle.

Step 2: add water to remove the spicy food. Change the water once a day for 4 consecutive days. Then remove the garlic, drain water, according to each 5000 grams of garlic add salt (750 grams), sugar (1000 grams), cold water (1000 grams), mix, then into the tank pickle, put in a cool place.

Step 3:15 days or so. Add 10% vinegar and soak for 5 days before serving.

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