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Can garlic sprout be eaten? Better not eat it
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Can garlic sprout be eaten?

As a side dish it can refreshing cocktail, as it also has a food sterilization detoxification of magical effect, in the north of our country a lot of people love to eat garlic, garlic sprout in winter to eat? We eat garlic sprout is not a bud, and in a cool and ventilated place indoor storage of garlic sprout can eat, but in the sun to the place with garlic, garlic surface will turn green when germination, so was born the alkaloid, it is best not to eat.

After the garlic seeds are harvested, the dormant period is generally 2 ~ 3 months. After dormancy period, below proper air temperature, garlic seed can bud quickly, long leaf, the nutrient in consuming stem, bring about bulb atrophy, desiccate, edible value reduces greatly, rot even.

So, sprouted garlic seeds, although you can eat, but because of its nutritional consumption, eating value will be greatly reduced.

With that said, I think everyone has a different answer to the question of whether sprouting garlic is edible. Yes, but it's important to remember to eat it when it's fresh to maximize its effectiveness.

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