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The 2019 pizhou green agricultural products exhibition opened in Beijing on November 11
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On July 11, solstice, 14, the four-day 2019 pizhou green agricultural products exhibition will be held in Beijing. This is the second time that pizhou specialty agricultural products are shown in Beijing after the agricultural fairs in nanjing, Shanghai and other places. A variety of agricultural products are frequently seen in metropolises and are supported by the thriving pizhou specialty industries.

In recent years, pizhou, based on the idea of giving priority to ecology, developing green development and enriching the people by industry, develops modern agriculture with the concept of industrialization, takes the supply-side structural reform of agriculture as the main line, ADAPTS measures to local conditions, develops characteristic planting, improves land income, and promotes agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.

Nowadays, garlic is undoubtedly the main character when referring to pizhou's "popular" specialty agricultural products. In front of xuzhou Evergrande food co., LTD., the garlic farmers who have sold hairy garlic are busy selling net garlic.

According to statistics, the annual sales revenue of pizhou's original garlic exceeded 6 billion yuan. While pizhou white garlic brand value has reached 14.2 billion yuan, to leverage the billion level of industrial chain, only rely on the original garlic trade is far from enough, but also rely on the development of high value-added garlic deep processing enterprises, Evergrande food company is one of the representatives. Over the years, the company relies on the advantage of white garlic products, using the "company + base + farmer" business model, a large number of digestion of the original garlic pizhou, at the same time, the company produces black garlic, allicin and other garlic deep add products are also very rich.

In pizhou, there are more than 250 garlic trade and deep processing enterprises such as Evergrande food company. In 2018, the export of garlic has reached us $400 million. After years of development, the garlic industry has formed a complete industrial chain integrating planting, deep processing, trade and research and development.






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