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Our company was invited to attend the second world SME conference
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2019 in the second world assembly on small and medium-sized enterprises by China commerce association for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Chinese people's association for friendship with foreign countries, the United Nations industrial development organization (unido), all the way "area", a think-tank, alliance, the United Nations association of China, Chinese society for the study of international friends, China green foundation, cultural exchange center of China association of commercial advertising, public diplomacy, Korea association of small and medium-sized enterprise promoting peace in northeast Asia economic community, South Korea, India, Germany, China's small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) chamber of commerce chamber of commerce, tsinghua university, Beijing foreign studies university, shaanxi university of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing normal university, such as common organization and support, is an important response to the United Nations day of micro, small and medium enterprises.

Our company is honored to be invited to attend this conference.



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