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How to make garlic powder by yourself?
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Thinly slice 200g garlic, microwave on high for about 15 minutes.

See how much water and then continue to microwave processing, if the garlic pieces do not continue to dry, need to take out cool;

If the garlic slices are dried and hard after cooling, they can be put into the powder processing barrel of the food processor for powder processing.

Processed garlic minced to cool through into a dry bottle can be preserved!

Matters needing attention

1, garlic pieces in the microwave oven heating must often see frequently turn to avoid some paste some do not do, so garlic pieces in the dish must be placed evenly, can not pile too much together.

2, beat the garlic must be cool through before using the cooking machine to break, otherwise the water does not volatilize, it is difficult to powder.

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