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Garlic is better than ginseng
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Garlic is a blood vessel scavenger

Researchers at the garlic institute pointed out that many diseases in humans are caused by high levels of fat in the blood. Many everyday foods, such as eggs, sausages, cheese and bacon, increase the amount of fat in the blood exponentially after eating them. But if you eat garlic at the same time, the rise in fat will be stopped. In addition to helping lower blood lipids, garlic also has the effect of preventing and reducing the accumulation of fatty plaque in arteries. This is important because fatty plaques build up in the coronary arteries, which can lead to heart disease.

Smoking and drinking also make the blood thicker. If you can also eat some garlic, it will balance the blood thinner. Garlic thins the blood and has antioxidant properties similar to vitamins E and C.

Garlic has these potential effects, for prevention and improvement of atherosclerosis, prevention and treatment of heart disease, opened up a new natural care approach. Garlic also plays a role in reducing high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure by eating a few cloves of garlic in vinegar and drinking two tablespoons of vinegar every morning for half a month.

As long as you keep your blood normal, you are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, cerebral haemorrhage and other diseases. Experts at the garlic institute say that eating garlic every day can kill bacteria, detoxify and prolong life. People who eat garlic regularly are nearly half as likely to develop stomach cancer as those who don't. Also, people who ate more garlic had a very low risk of developing rectal cancer.

Better raw than cooked

Experts at the garlic research institute believe that the reason garlic works so well is that it contains two effective substances, allicin and allinase. Allicin and allicin sit quietly in the cells of fresh garlic. Once crushed, they contact each other to form allicin, a colorless, oily liquid. Garlic has a very strong bactericidal effect, it can enter the human body and bacteria cystine reaction to produce crystalline precipitate, destroy bacteria necessary thiamine organisms in the SH group, so that bacteria metabolism disorder, thus unable to reproduce and grow.

But allicin loses its power quickly in heat, so garlic is best eaten raw. Garlic is not only afraid of heat, but also afraid of salt, it will lose its function when salty. Therefore, for the best health benefits, garlic is best eaten mashed rather than chopped with a knife. And let allinine and allinase combine in the air to produce allicin for 10-15 minutes before eating.

Garlic can be mixed with minced meat to make spring rolls, meat buns, wontons, and garlic braised pork and garlic bread. Germany also has garlic ice cream, garlic jam and garlic wine, which is not only healthy, but also delicious. Garlic oil made from allicin is also high in health value and can be eaten on bread or as a cooking oil.

The more you eat, the better

Garlic research institute of Germany has developed a biological product called "time crystal", which is a complete garlic extract, marking a new development in the use of garlic.

Experts also point out that eating more garlic is not always better. Because eating more garlic may affect the absorption of B vitamins; eating more garlic may cause blepharitis and conjunctivitis in eyes. In addition, garlic should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Because garlic has strong irritation and corrosion, gastric ulcer patients and suffering from headache, cough, toothache and other diseases, should not eat garlic. Once a day or once every other day can eat 2-3 cloves each time.

Many people do not eat garlic for fear that the strong smell in their mouth will affect their communication with others. In fact, drinking a cup of coffee, milk or green tea after eating garlic can eliminate bad breath. Chew some green tea for better results. Usually prepare some chewing gum, can also be used after eating garlic.

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